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10 x 6 Super Heavy Duty, Braked Tandem Trailer.

10 x 6 trailer
10 x 6 tandem trailer10 x 6 tandem trailer10 x 6 tandem trailer10 x 6 tandem trailer10 x 6 tandem trailer10 x 6 tandem trailer10 x 6 tandem trailer10 x 6 tandem trailer10 x 6 tandem trailer10 x 6 Optional tool box number 1Tandem alxe
Buying Direct From us $4,575.00 Gst inclusive.

We have had a lot of customers looking for very large trailers, we were asked to build a 10 x 6 foot trailer and we welcomed the challenge, The 10 x 6 trailer is now built as part of our range. which has been very popular with builders and recently many rural property owners. Our 10 x 6 trailer is just perfect for when you need a large reliable heavy duty trailer able to carry those larger heavy loads with plenty of space to spare. Combine this with the 600mm high cage included and you have an awesome carrying machine.

Our trailers are built tough, though we used heavy gauge steel in the construction, we have still added extra bracing and supports where its going to benefit the added strength. We do not just build trailers we build strong reliable trailers made to last.

Tui Trailer's have an extensive range of sizes to suit almost every need in a trailer.

They have been designed and manufactured with the end user in mind you the customer, Tui trailers are built tough to last for many years of service, our trailers have a 5 year warranty.

For the loads that you just want to save time tying down or the bigger loads where trailer sides would be handy, we have a trailer just for those needs this tandem trailer has a 600mm high heavy duty cage fitted the the standard 300mm sides giving a high 900mm side, with full opening door at the rear. The cage can be easily removed by simple 6 bolts removal.

The trailer comes with a heavy duty jockey wheel as standard this makes life so much easier to remove a loaded trailer. You have the option to purchase the optional spare wheel and bracket.

Our tandem trailers have fully welded frames and seams a manufacture feature not seen in all trailer brands, we have gone the extra mile to produce a trailer that is made strong and durable and proud to carry the Tui Trailer brand..

Not all trailers are created equal, there are many superior features in a Tui Trailer that you many not at first realize compared to many other standard tandem trailers around. On our tandem trailers we have used solid steel axles not just the box section 5mm tube which is generally used we believe better suited for single axle trailers. A solid set of axles gives the trailer far superior carry strength, you wont see a bow in our axles under load. Another very important feature we have added is the larger size box section draw bar, these will handle all your loads without the slightest problem, this combined with a descent length makes backing a breeze.

Lets face it you want a trailer that looks good but importantly needs to be strong and robust a trailer that's going to handle your workload and not going to fail on you. Here at Tui Trailers we believe we have met these challenges with a range that anyone would be proud to own.

Our mudguards have checker plate end foot steps, with our trailers the mudguards are so strong you can even stand on the mudguards.

All our tandem trailers are fitted with disc brakes, in all honesty who wants a large trailer without brakes as without brakes you can not carry large loads, we have thought of this and brakes are standard across our range.

  • 10 x 6 Super Heavy Duty Tandem
  • Tandem Axle, Disc Braked.
  • Fully Hot dipped galvanized steel construction.
  • Hot dipped galvanized 300mm sides with tie down rails.
  • Front and rear opening tail gates that can be easily removed.
  • Frame and chassis is fully welded and long seams, these frames are not bolted, bolted more suited to single axle trailers).
  • Checker plate 2.75mm mudguards.
  • Triangle braces on mudguards, with foot steps.
  • Heavy duty full length side tie down rails.
  • Chassis: 50 x 50 x 4mm and frame 50 x 50 x 3mm RHS. Chassis with spacing's of 400mm.
  • Draw-bar: 100 x 50 x 3.2mm RHS with length 1930mm (long enough to put toolbox on, long draw bars also make reversing easier).
  • Floor 2.75mm checker plate, fully welded not riveted.
  • Axles: tandem solid Steel 50mm dia axles. (not hollow tube)
  • Wheels: 185/70R14 NEW TYRES and Powder coated rims.
  • Suspension: Heavy Duty Braked 7 Leaf Eye to Eye shackle springs with Rockers, self-leveling (not cheaper slipper springs).
  • NZ 50mm Tandem Coupler Hitch With handbrake & twin safety chains.
  • Jockey Wheel Heavy Duty(Folding).
  • NZ standard 7 pin flat plug.
  • Max Payload 2000kg
  • GVW: 2500kg
  • Our 5 year structural warranty, see our warranty info.
  • Meets and exceeds LTSA standards.
  • Optional extra: Spare Wheel $185.00
  • Optional extra: Wheel Fixing bracket $40.00
  • Selection of lockable aluminum tool boxes starting from $195.00.

Dealer RRP $8,195.00

Buying Direct From us $4,575.00 Gst inclusive.
For our fully assembled, fully welded Tui Trailer
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