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Some information we thought you should know when buying a trailer.

Recently it has been brought to our attention that there are a few sellers in the trailer market who have copied our trailer designs. They are importing cheaper Chinese copies these copies are not structurally the same and have not been manufactured with the same care and attention as our trailers have, buyers beware of these unprofessional sellers. One seller on a site has even had the neck to copy our warranty information from our website nearly word for word, ("we are currently reviewing our legal options into this"). Here at Tui Trailers we provide a genuine warranty not just words, we will be around to honor any warranty matters in the unlikely event they occur, we have estabished an honest and genuine reputation over many years.


Its also been mentioned to us that several have tried using our trailer name in conversation in an attempt to confuse the customer into thinking that their trailer copies are either supplied in some way through us or our brand, this is not the correct, they are not a Genuine Tui Trailer but are in fact inferior Chinese copies. The only way to be sure to get a genuine Tui Trailer is by buying direct through us, do not spend your hard earned money on a simple copy. Tui Trailers is a registered brand and the brand name can not be used by any other seller.


A genuine Tui Trailer has had many years of trailer knowledge built into the design and structure, a trailer we are very proud of and proud to carry the Tui brand name. We have built up over many years a good sound and solid brand of trailers, its a shame there are a few unsavory sellers in the market who try to get a free ride on our hard work and dedication that we have put in over the years.


To be sure you are getting a trailer that will last you many years of reliable service, a trailer you will be proud to tow. The decision is simple contact us direct and you to could be the owner of a genuine Tui Trailer.


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